Conflict Weekly Recolha Semanal sobre violência em Moçambique Número 17: 19 a 25 de Julho de 2021

FINAL Conflict Weekly Analise (19-25) Julho de 2021

Few things attest more to the extent of the democratic deficit in Mozambique than the fact that the president negotiated foreign military intervention in domestic military disputes without consuting other domestic sovereign bodies. The President´s reassurance that the Rwandan military presence is “an act of solidarity towards our country that must not be seen with any fear on the part of Mozambicans” is an effort to ellued the issue. Whether those troops will help fight the insurgency or not, is a irrelevant from a legal point of view. In foreign affairs, bilateral agreements are usually subject to consultation and approval by line ministries and legislative bodies to ensure a modicum of transparency. The hidden debts scandal should have made the ruling political elite more cautious of entering into such kind of deals.



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