Conflict Weekly Recolha Semanal sobre violência em Moçambique Número 18: 26 de Julho a 01 de Agosto de 2021

FINAL Conflict Weekly Analise (26 de Julho-01 de Agosto) de 2021

Guns seems to matter more than votes in Mozambique. The idea of politics as a process to reach collective decisions continues absent. There are seldom mentions by the government on how to go about defending the country, with whom, and for who. Oppositional parliamentary parties are demanding the right to be consulted in the process, to no avail.  The ones that seem to deserve the right to be heard are those holding guns and standing their ground through brutal force. The Frelimo apparatchik, headed by powerful figures such as former president Joaquim Chissano, seems to recommend dialogue and consultation only for those making their demands outside the rule of law.



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