Conflict Weekly Recolha Semanal sobre violência em Moçambique Número 19: 02 a 08 de Agosto de 2021

FINAL Conflict Weekly Analise (02 de Agosto – 08 de Agosto) de 2021

When we started this project, it was our concern that one shouldn’t view political violence as separated from other forms of violence (gender, ritual, or violent crimes). However, in recent months, we came to notice with dismay that even the understanding of political violence and mechanisms to address it is being portioned and contextualized. We are fighting two wars, but designing different frameworks for foreign military intervention, effectively partitioning the country in terms of military strategy and peace and post-conflict reconstruction mechanism. Not only the intervention of foreign troops in Cabo Delgado raises the prospect of the province turning into a new kind of Iraq, taking into account the diverse origin of the foreign troops and the institutional framework of the bilateral and multilateral agreements that brings them to the field of war.  From a state-building perspective, defining war and conflict as external endeavors blocks the ability to engage in a holistic process of domestic post-conflict state-building.



Centro de Estudos de Paz Conflito e Bem Estar

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