Conflict Weekly Recolha Semanal sobre violência em Moçambique Número 20: 09 a 15 de Agosto de 2021

FINAL Conflict Weekly Analise (09 a 15 de Agosto ) 2021

The armed intervention by foreign troops has shown a critical fragility of the Mozambican state, with the government unable for a long time to provide protection to its own population. Due to the intervention of the Rwandan troops, Mocimboa da Praia is now back in government control without significant resistance from the once almighty insurgents. Besides military failure, the Rwanda advance, with its regular military briefings, stood in sharp contrast to the massive disinformation campaigns by the police and military leadership, not to mention the many photo ops by the President claiming impending victory against the insurgents.  Exactly what the Rwandan soldiers brought to the field that adds value to the fight is yet to be known.



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