Conflict Weekly (Special Edition, No. 3) A Responsabilidade de Proteger e a Intervenção Estrangeira em Cabo Delgado Janeiro a Junho de 2021

FINAL Conflict Weekly Edição Especial No. 3 Cabo Delgado Responsabilidade de Proteger 2021

The government, by avoiding a formal pronouncement on the declaration of war, is potentially contributing to the fragilization of the constitutional and institutional order in Mozambique, much in the same extent as the insurgents in Cabo Delgado and the Renamo Military Junta do with their armed attacks on the physical institutions of the state.   This legal void begs the question: who is being protected, and against what and who, with the armed intervention in Cabo Delgado?  

The state needs to strengthen the domestic legal framework related to war-making. This would hopefully lead to the existence of a legal framework to assess in a more transparent way the kind of support that is best suited to support government in protecting its citizens.

More important yet, just as the Constitutions intends to safeguard, a declaration of war would clarify the limitations on the fundamental freedoms and rights of citizens. The Assembly of the Republic is clear on the pivotal role it plays when it comes to government acts that jeopardize civic and political rights.

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