Activism in Contemporary Mozambique – Briefing Note No 8, December 2023

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Being an activist in Mozambique is today equated with an act of heroism, treason or economic opportunism. Either way, it’s never a normal act. A normal Mozambican “lives his life” away from politics, “without getting into trouble”. Those who get involved and end up looking for (and finding) trouble have obscure interests. But is that really the case? Not always. In fact, activism in Mozambique is a social behaviour that lies behind all the big names. The heroes, the traitors, the armed bandits, the reactionaries, those who are moved by the internal and external hand, they are all activists for a social and collective cause. Whether some like or dislike the cause, that doesn’t diminish the value of activism and of the activist.



Centro de Estudos de Paz Conflito e Bem Estar

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